How To Sell Clothes On Poshmark And Be Successful 2020


If regular clearing out your closet was one of your goals of 2020, then you’re probably aware of how challenging it can be. But clearing out the items that you no longer love, is not the tricky part. The question arises, what will you do with those unused pair of jeans that doesn’t fit you, right? Or the jacket you forgot to exchange at the mall? Of course, one way is to donate the items, but if you feel it’s not worth as there is no justice and value for your money, then there is one ultimate solution to all your problems. Poshmark!

It is an excellent way to get rid of your unused clothes, accessories and shoes in a one-stop online market place while making money. It’s basically like making money for clearing your closet. However, not everyone can be successful in doing so. If you’re wondering about selling your items successfully on Poshmark, you’re in the right place, stick till the end to find out.

Research and review the data

Do your research before getting into the business. Poshmark often sends the sales reports via email. Make use of this data to gather knowledge about what is customers are buying and what trend is in the market currently.

Know your brand


When you’re selling online, you need to have a keen eye for what people want. Some brands are sold more than the other. Analyze what brand is working for you and upload more items from that brand to increase the pace of your sales.


If you wish for your product to stand out from the rest, use the right keywords and give a detailed description of the item, including size, colour, material, washing techniques etc. This will help you believe in your product and gives them a better picture of the product itself.

Take photos of everything.

Since the customers personally cannot come and visit to purchase, like in shopping malls, it is vital to put up pictures of every minute detail you want the customers to know and latter them. Love the print on the cocktail dress? Then make sure you take a picture of it and post it online to make sure your customers lobe them too.

Keep supplies in hand.

Once you put out the items on your site, make sure you have a stock of them in hand. It is also essential to keep the promised delivery date as they’re the minute things which build trusts in your products and your brand.

Invest in packaging


Most times, customers are disappointed with the product because of the insecure packing causes damages to the item during shipping and delivery. If you have delicate items on your closet, then make sure you pack them accordingly and inform the movers to handle with care.

Build social media

Instagram, WhatsApp and Twitter are the best platforms to build your base for the product. Try to get a good number of customer base who are loyal to your product and ask them to review your product online. This will attract new customers, as well.

How To Sell Clothes On Poshmark And Be Successful 2020

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